NFCDS Team Members

Adam Heet [profile]
Digital Projects Specialist | ph. 574-631-3371
250 Hesburgh Library

Alex Chun, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Associate [profile] 
250A Hesburgh Library

Daniel Johnson, PhD [profile]
Co-Interim Director, Digital Humanities,
English Literature, & FTT Librarian | ph. 574-631-3457
250C Hesburgh Library

Eric Lease Morgan, MIS [profile]
Digital Initiatives Librarian | ph. 574-631-8604
250E Hesburgh Library

Matthew Noffsinger [profile]
Makerspace & Graphics Specialist | ph. 574-631-6654
150 Walsh Family Hall of Architecture

Jennifer Parker, MA, MLS [profile]
Architecture Librarian | ph. 574-631-9401
152 Walsh Family Hall of Architecture

Julie Vecchio, MPH, MLIS [profile]
Co-Interim Director | ph. 574-631-4900
250I Hesburgh Library

Michael Deike, MSIS [profile]
Business, Interim Economics Librarian | ph. 574-631-1450
L001D Mendoza College of Business

Pete Pietraszewski, MLS [profile]
Entrepreneurial Spirit Endowed Business Librarian,
Interim Economics Librarian | ph. 574-631-9099
L012 Mendoza College of Business

Affiliated Faculty and Subject Experts

Fabio Cusimano, PhD
Research Affiliate
Head, Cataloging and Digital Asset Management
Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana

Matthew Sisk, PhD [profile]
Associate Professor of the Practice (GIS, Data Science)
Lucy Family Institute for Data Society

Natalie Meyers, MA, MLIS [profile]
Professor of the Practice
Lucy Family Institute for Data Society

Rick Johnson, MLIS [profile]
Managing Director, AETL
Lucy Family Institute for Data Society

Past Directors

  • Tracy Bergstrom, MA, MLS (2013 - 2017) [profile]
  • John Wang, MLIS, MIS (Interim 2017 - 2020)
  • Natalie Meyers, MA, MLIS (Interim 2020 - 2021) [profile]
  • Scott B. Weingart, MSc (2021 - 2022) [profile]

Librarians by Subject and Specialty